Sid Quickstart

Guide to launching an interactive application on the Sid Research Computing Cluster.


All that is needed is a reasonably recent browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer) on a desktop system (MacOS, Windows, Linux).

Getting Access

If you have a Harvard email, file a request ticket for Sid access in the IQSS Request Tracker (RT) system.

Launching a Job

Launch the sign-in screen

Bring up the sign in screen.

Through Harvard Key

Sign in through HarvardKey (which was received in previous step).

Launch an Interactive Application from the Dashboard

Click the "Run an Interactive Application" button.

Select your CPU and RAM requirements, authorize Google Drive (optional), and launch the application.

View the Application(s) in the Dashboard

Your Application(s) should now display in the "Interactive Jobs" dashboard.
The link to the desktop application brings you to a Linux Desktop environment accessible through the Xpra HTML5 canvas element in your browser.
Similarly to the above desktop application, the link to the RStudio application displays in your browser tab.